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Servings & Pricing

B.A.D uses 200ml pilsner glasses, with tasty beverages costing between $5 (five tokens) and $7 (seven tokens) depending on the complexity and ABV (more alcohol, higher excise tax!) of each particular brew.

The vast majority of beers are priced at $5 (five tokens) or $6 (six tokens) per glass.

Super strong or complex beers are served in half measures costing $4 (four tokens).

Beer Tickets

In order to speed up service at the pouring stations we run a beer ticket system. Each $10 card has ten tokens printed on it, so 1 token equals $1. Pouring staff will cross off the appropriate number of tokens each time you visit them.

Beer tickets can be purchased with EFT-POS or cash, but we advise bringing cash as you’ll get to jump any queues and get your tokens much faster.

So if you purchase a $5 beer with a full card, the pourer will cross out five tokens on the card, leaving you five tokens to spend on your next beer.

Please note that we do not refund unused tokens, so only purchase what you will use. In the last hour of the festival we will sell part cards for whatever you’d like to purchase (if you only want five tokens we can cross out five, leaving five to spend).

Food & Soft Drinks

Food and soft drinks are purchased with cash.

Cancellation Policy

BAD is an all weather event and will go ahead regardless of weather on the day.

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