Hawke's Bay Beer Tasting Day


Beer, an essential part of life since the beginning of civilization (just ask the Egyptians).

Beer has been lovingly brewed from nature’s finest ingredients for longer than we can remember.

New Zealand’s first brew was put down on the orders of Captain James Cook in 1773. 100 years later every town in New Zealand had a local brewery or two, each one reflecting the character of the brewer, the available ingredients and the town itself.

However, as time passed and factors such as prohibition, the six o’clock swill and the emergence of big business took their toll two mega-brewing groups emerged to dominate the New Zealand beer market.

Today, most beer available is brown lager with different labels, or European brands brewed in South Auckland.

But wait. Is that real beer?

We’ll let you decide. At Beer Appreciation Day you will be able to sample a range of different styles lovingly crafted by brewers from around New Zealand.

We’ll be bringing some old favourites and some exciting new talents to the fore. All for your beer appreciating pleasure.

Beer Appreciation Day is brought to you for the love of real beer.