Hawke's Bay Beer Tasting Day


This was the line up at BADviii, 2018. Bloody delicious!

As always we’ll start updating who’s coming in 2019 closer to kick off on March 9th. Feel free to hit us up with any special requests, we’ll do our best to make it happen.


Abbey Brewing

Located at Abbey Cellars on Maraekakaho Road, the brand also known as Fat Monk Brewing Co. continues to challenge the palate with a range of beer styles and hop combinations.

This fearless approach to brewing has seen head brewer Dermot draw a following both here and out of the district, and we’re looking forward to increasing that following by hitting you with some hop-driven brews at B.A.D.

Oh, and if you haven’t been out to visit the brewery it’s a must whilst you are in the Bay.

Brave Brewing Co.

Last year we predicted a massive scale up for Brave Brewing, and just this last month it has happened. New, bigger, better kit is being installed at this very minute so that more people can enjoy New Zealand’s emerging cult beer.

The Brave ethos is all about throwing off the shackles of society’s expectations and having the courage to follow your passion. If that’s not an option, at least be strong enough to support one who has by tasting all the Brave brews you can.


Crazy Bay Beer

Fronted by larger than life Damian Birchman, Crazy Bay Beer will be back this year with their wildly popular brews. Their Atramentous Black IPA would surely have been a contender for the People’s Choice Awards, which kick off this year, so we can’t wait to see what they’ll pull out of the hat in 2018.

Deco City Beer

Deco City is a homage to the city of Napier and their brewery partner bStudio. Napier was destroyed by an earthquake in 1931 and was then rebuilt in the world famous Art Deco style. bStudio is located in the former National Tobacco building, the most photographed Art Deco building in New Zealand, if not the world.

Deep Creek Brewing Co.

Deep Creek Brewing Co is one of New Zealand’s premier craft beer breweries. The main Deep Creek brewery can be found in Silverdale, Auckland, where they create flavour fuelled craft beer, using a combination of modern and age-old brewing techniques.

They’re prolific, and well known for their Lupulin Effect and Steam Funk range, which are sure to feature at this year’s BAD.

Garage Project

Based in the Aro Valley, Wellington, Garage Project have moved on somewhat since their 24/24 project (24 different recipes in 24 weeks) made such a big impact around the New Zealand brewing scene.

They’ve set up a new brewery dedicated to the dark arts of sour beer brewing and have also been foundation supporters of local contract brewery bStudio.

A perennial favourite and always bringing something new and unpredictable to the party!

Giant Brewing Co.

Exciting times for Giant as they nurse their new Havelock North brewery to full capacity in the intense heat of a hotter-than-ever Hawke’s Bay summer.

Before too long they’ll be filling flagons at their Donnelly Street digs but until then sate your cravings for Giant at BADviii, where they always brew something especially for the day.

GodsOwn Brewery

Godsown Brewery has an 800L capacity brewery situated next to a quarter-acre hop field at Maraekakaho, a small settlement west of Hastings.

Godfrey Quemeneur and Rachel Downes travelled the length and breadth of New Zealand before settling on the Bay as the perfect location to brew, and have now developed the site into a full blown brewpub and restaurant.

If you’re looking for an idyllic venue, look no further.

Lakeman Brewing

Just over the hills in Taupo, we’re stoked to welcome Lakeman Brewing back to BADviii. If you’ve indulged in a Hairy Box, their mixed pack of brews, you’ll be looking forward to some citrussy goodness come March 3.

Napier Brewing Co.

Since the first batch of equipment arrived in October 2015 Napier Brewing Co has made a real impact on the local Hawke’s Bay scene. Based at the Westshore Beach Inn, winner of Hawke’s Bay Bar of the Year in the 2016 SOBA awards, you can usually taste most of the range fresh from the taps at the very place it is brewed.

With new brewer John Bradbury just releasing his first brews on the Napier kit these are exciting times for Hawke’s Bay’s favourite brewpub.

North End Brewing Co.

Based on the Kapiti Coast, North End Brewing enjoys a strong Wellington influence without having to put up with the weather!

More experimental than your average Hawke’s Bay brewery we’re looking forward to tasting whichever brews they decide to bring out of their truly impressive catalogue.

Roosters Brew House

Back after a long hiatus, Roosters has recently seen some momentous changes. Coffee magnate Chris Jarvis is now at the helm, and things have been given a bit of a shake up. We’re looking forward to seeing what they pour at BADviii.

Sawmill Brewery

Sawmill is an independent, New Zealand owned brewery run by a small and talented team. Another must-stop destination north of Auckland we really appreciate them making the long haul down to the Bay to share their super tasty brews with us.

Sneaky Brewing Co.

Sneaky Brewing creates bold new-age craft beers, often with a fruity twist, but always with creativity and passion. Brewer Matt Searle has an encyclopedic knowledge of world beer, something that’s reflected in the Sneaky range.

See if you can hit him with a brewery he hasn’t heard of… he might give you a free beer.

Sunshine Brewery

If you haven’t sampled beer from the Sunshine Brewery over the last few years you might be very pleasantly surprised. Building on the Gizzy Gold fame of the 90s, the Sunshine crew got adventurous, and now produce a rather unique range of very interesting brews, some of which were medal winners at the 2015 Brewers Guild of NZ Awards.

Zeelandt Brewing Co.

Now a well-established piece of the furniture in the Hawke’s Bay beer scene, Chris Barber has expanded both tdhe staff and the range at Zeelandt (that’s zay-land don’t you know) in the picturesque Esk Valley.

It’s one hell of a brewery and producing some mighty fine drops. We’re looking forward to trying the latest seasonal release at this year’s B.A.D.


Edgebrook Cider

Authentic English-style, Hawke’s Bay ciders, brewed once a year from orchard-fresh apples.

They brew three varieties of cider, inspired by Eastern counties, Western counties and West Country styles. Check out their cider facts page to school up on the European cider styles that inspire so much of our new world experimentation.

Paynter’s Cider

Paul and the team at Paynter’s are on a journey to produce New Zealand’s finest cider, and that starts at the orchard where they are growing Kingston Black, Stoke Red, Tremlett’s Bitter, Broxwood Foxwhelp, Sidero, Slack Ma Girdle, Chisel Jersey, Bordes, Sweet Alford, Bisquet, C’hero ru Bihan, Fuero Rous and more!

Join them in their odyssey; you won’t be disappointed.

Three Wise Birds Cider

Perhaps the least traditional of Hawke’s Bay’s cider makers, the Crasborn brothers are on a mission to define a New Zealand-style cider. And they’re not afraid to experiment, even throwing in some local Smoothcone hops to their Gone Bush style.

Surely a drop that all beer appreciators will be curious to try!

Zeffer Cider

Beginning in Matakana, and passing through Silverdale, Zeffer Cider have now made their home at the source: Hawke’s Bay.

With a richly diverse range of ciders they are a great addition to the lineup. They were the first cider to feature at BAD way back in the day, and we’re looking forward to welcoming them back in full force to the BAD Apples area at BADviii.